About Us

The Integr@tive it’s a Lifestyle Brand dedicated to inspiring everyone to live a life More Healthy, Happy and Holy Communion with Nature.

To achieve this goal, we work to offer you the best: physically, mentally, spiritually and environmentally – as we believe that these are the pillars for a Happier and Balanced Society.

In Integr@tive we believe in the power in Holistic Approach to Human being and Health. Therefore, we developed an International Expert Team of Speakers, Authors, Teachers, Pioneers, Health Professionals and Journalists to offer the freshest and useful content to live their day-to-day fully.

We know that Wellness is a subjective concept from person to person. So we present you useful and easy to read information on: Health, Fitness, Nutrition, biomedicine, Spirituality, Therapy, and Family Relations, Mindfullness, Sexuality and many other themes.
We believe you will find what fits your case.