What is the Origin of Purple Spots in Michael Phelps’s Body?


The Multi-Medal Athlete appears in Rio with several marks on his back. Photo: Reuters


The American Super-Athlete continues to collect medals and spray records in another edition of the Olympics at Rio. But over the last days, another reason has attracted the attention to Michael Phelps. The swimmer appeared in the Olympic Pool with your body covered with several purple rounded spots. Quickly, athlete photos became viral, fueling the speculation about the origin of the mysterious markings. However, the answer to this mystery is quite simple.

The athlete shares photos of his treatment on his Instagram account


The circular marks on Phelps’s body are the result of one treatment used by the athlete under his preparation program: Cupping. This technique originated from East Medicine, specifically, Traditional Chinese Medicine, consist in the application of a suction force using suction cups made of glass, plastic or bamboo, under Acupuncture Meridians and Points. This promotes blood circulation and treats sore muscles.

Another athletes, like American Gymnast Allex Naddour, are using cupping to boost their recovery. Foto: Getty Images


Many other Olympic Athletes are using this technique as a method to accelerate their recovery and prevent injuries. Cupping is natural and no-substance treatment technique approved by national and international anti-doping committees.

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