5 Signs You Need To Do Exercise

men-exercisingExercise can help you lose weight, but it also can dramatically improve your health, well-being and happiness.

You´re Tired All the Time!
If you feel constantly fatigued, even with adequate nutrition and rest, maybe all you need is to move a bit more. Scientific Studies showed that just 20 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic exercise, three times a week, can increase vitality and energy levels. Exercise directly acts on the central nervous system, decrease fatigue sensation, in some cases over 65 percent.

You’re suddenly experiencing pain
If you wake up in the morning and your lower back, knee or shoulder is suddenly aching, it will maybe be a sign that you need to get your body in motion. Moving your muscles, loosening your joints and getting the blood pumping in that area of your body can be enough to lessen the pain. Even people who faced long-term pain, like rheumatoid arthritis, for example, can reduce your pain intensity and improve their quality of life by doing regular exercise.

You’re stressed
Stress it’s nowadays problem in the adult population and one of the first causes of absent from work. Walking, running or strengthening your body three or four times a week is enough to increase production of anti-stress hormones like serotonin (the happiness hormone), result in a significant decrease of anxiety levels. Research shows also that adding in music makes that exercise even more effective in fighting stress.

You’re not sleeping well
If you’re having trouble nodding off or staying asleep at night, you may need to move a bit more during the day.  Studies show that middle-aged and older people who exercise had a better sleeping pattern that those who did not do any physical activity. Aerobic exercise, like running, cycling or swimming, increases cerebral oxygenation, which contributes to fighting anxiety and insomnia.

Your digestion is out of whack
Aerobic exercise improves the contraction of your intestinal muscles. As  a result, your digested food passes more quickly through your intestines, decreasing constipation. Moving in whatever method – walking, running, swimming, dancing, even stretching – will help your digestion. Improve digestion benefits of your workout by adding foods that boost good gut bacteria to your diet.

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