Three Health’s Urban Myths


Health is one a theme full richest of popular beliefs, conspiracy theories and fallacies. In this article we present three of the most popular health’ myths of all time:


This Myth came from French author Moor Lappe “Diet for a Small Planet”. This theory held that that certain plants had lack of essential amino acids and they should be combined with other foods that have them. For example, rice and beans should be combined in a meal, in order to provide all the essential amino acids.

In fact, the body does not need to receive a particular amount of amino acids in one meal, he can receive them during the day. In addition, all plants containing all the essential amino acids we need, since we ingest sufficient amounts of them. This is why we must eat a generous amount of vegetables in a meal, and not necessarily need to “combine proteins”


For decades, it was believed that there was something in the diet of the French that protected against cardiovascular disease. They consume large amounts of saturated fat in your diet, but had the lowest rates of cardiovascular disease, compare with other Eastern Countries. For some time it has been suggested that wine, Resveratrol mainly through the substance was the cause of this phenomenon.

However, it was found that there was no paradox. Before, a statistical problem: it was found that, according to the World Health Organization, there was an underestimation of 20% of death certificates by heart disease in France, which completely masked the dimension of reality.

Correcting this statistical error, we verified that death rates from cardiovascular disease in France were perfectly aligned with the high presence of diet-related risk factors.


This is one of the biggest urban myths about health. Effectively, scientific literature only reports olive oil as a cardio-protective factor, when compared with other oils or butter. But add more olive oil to a healthy diet does not have the same beneficial effect. This does not mean you have to remove the oil from your diet, but your overconsumption will have no beneficial effect on the body. Moreover, there is evidence that other foods, such as almonds or nuts and other dried oleaginous fruits may have a cardio-protective factor.


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