Switzerland Integrate Alternative and Complementary Medicine

Homeopathy, Holistic and Herbal Medicine, Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine will acquire the same status as Conventional Medicine until May 2017, when they will be fully covered by the Swiss Health Insurance System.
After being rejected by the authorities in 2005 for lack of scientific evidence, the effectiveness of these therapies was being discussed again in 2009, with two thirds of Swiss supported their inclusion in the official list of health services paid by health insurance.
These treatments will be covered by basic health insurance for a trial period of six years, until 2017. However, until the end of this trial period, they will be forced to prove their efficacy, cost-effectiveness and suitability.
The ministry plans to continue allowing the reimbursement of treatment costs of health insurance, but only if provided by certified medical doctors, a situation that would cause certain controversies in the alternative medicine field.

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